Confessions of a heartless man.

Well I really don’t have a heart


… That’s what she thought when I let her go. But I have too many emotions to take care of, so sometimes my heart feels too small for them.
I can’t focus on more than one thing at a time, but with her everything seemed so perfect. I felt like

I am the king of the world.


But I could see that she was slowly losing herself in me, all her smiles, tears, sadness, anger everything was for me. Yet the child in me was asking for more and more everyday.
So I let her go..
I hurt her with my harsh words, made her feel worthless and did a lot to make her hate me. But with her, half of my heart went away. I lost my inner childishness which she brought back.
But I am cursed, and don’t want her to be affected by the curse as well.


But my blessed angel, I want your light to guide me throughout my life. And I want to touch the skies with you.
Together we will make a new galaxy where there will be smiles glittering all around.

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