When she heard the sound of the falling rain, she wanted to dance.
Get drenched and be happy.
But she was without a partner..


But she never knew that her solo performance was about to come to an end.
She only dreamt of him as her dance partner.
Whenever she saw him coming, her heart skipped a beat.
And whenever he smiled back, she was in ecstasy.
They never spoke.
0ne day she was walking all alone under a sky pregnant with clouds. Her mind was full of him.
When she saw him!!!


It’s about to rain and you don’t have an umbrella… He said with a heart melting smile
Well I love rain.. was all she managed to say.

The lighting struck hard and the sky broke into tears.
He held her closer and guarded her under his umbrella.


His touch made her all powerful
She threw away the umbrella and screamed in joy..
Let’s dance


He agreed and on the beautiful stage of nature, they performed a beautiful dance show.

THEY found partners.!!!


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