How would I mark this day?
As a day when we met after a long time or as a day so dark that I almost lost my vision???
I don’t have answers.
Why did I let you walk ahead while I was comfortably sittng on my bike?
Why my mind didn’t register your precious words ” I am safest with you”
I thought your pristine white dupatta was creating a problem. But I couldnot read the signs the almighty was giving.
Why did you have to walk so fast?  Why you were always so playful?
And why the hell I was my usual reserved self?
Watching and admiring you from distance as usual.
Wish I ditched my bike and walked ahead with you.
So I could have saved the horror of watching the damned flyover take you along with it.
I couldnot wait any more. I became a coward. I couldnot have seen your beautiful face turn hideous.
I couldnot bear the sight of your petite frame draped in white turn into an angry red.
My life was yours and it will be forever.
You went ahead and faced death alone.
This life is your gift now.
I promise I will use it well.
I will stand by all in pain, will help the lost souls regain their spirit.
Will continue to serve the society.
And I will never hate Kolkata again. With all its flaws, it is still my city. It took away you from me but not your spirit.


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