They called me dusky beauty…
But I guess it was not always in a positive way. To add to it, I had thick and curly unmanageable hair and a voluptuous frame. My mother said I looked like a chubby brown doll..
But I knew I looked Ugly.


So, when my friends dressed up in sexy low-cut or backless blouses with chiffons or see-through net sarees,  I had to don a mask of Classy beauty in soft coloured silks or cottons when we went to parties. I wished sometimes that I could be a little hot.
And then… He came in my life.
A man, too good-looking to be true..
Too well-behaved to hate and a smile which melted the hearts of all
For the first time in my life, I felt jealous, even of the sexiest girl in my batch..


I used to think The man is all mine.
But I never had the courage to show my feelings, till the day my first book got published.
That day I my caterpillar soul unfurled into a large winged butterfly.


My beauty got a new dimension.
The man was proud of me, and gave me all the good wishes for life.
That was a few years back, he also said a few golden words
You are going to find a hand to hold, a heart to love, and a person to cherish FOREVER.. Soon my dear.
Yes, he was right.
I found the love of my life…. One who adores my dark skin, makes fun of my unruly hair and falls in love everytime I write a story.


The butterfly got colour to its wings..
Soon it will spread its wings and colour the whole world..
Well even now they call me dusky beauty.


And I guess in a good way..

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