They were sitting under the shade of a banyan tree. The heat was stifling, and it was scorching them. Yet they could not leave that place. He was trying to be as courteous as possible, but the feelings inside him were killing him.
Can I rest… ”
The look in her eyes made him stop. He wanted to say ” can I rest my head on your shoulders? ” but had to stop midway. He was too scared to show his feelings.
You want to rest here? “
She said with a smile on her lips.
Nothing” he answered.


Both of them looked at the couples around and then at the beautiful glistening river in front of them.
They wanted to go for a boat ride, but neither of them had the courage to speak up.
They walked near the ghat and suddenly he kneeled down and started to fold his jeans up.
Are you planning to swim here? Now? “
She rolled up her eyes at him.
no, just want to touch the water” he smiled at her.
She stood a few steps above and began clicking his pictures.


All the devotees around were taking a dip in the holy river, but they were bathing in their innocence and unspoken feelings.
Suddenly when she was a few hands away from him, he splashed water at her.
Hey are you crazy? “
She felt butterflies inside her stomach.
Come here dear”
He called her lovingly.
Oh lord! Now she is going to burst.
She pretended to be angry and started walking away.
He followed her until they reached a place inside the temple.


Don’t play with my feelings, I don’t like all these jokes”
Tears were flowing from her deep black eyes.
“So you think I was kidding? Don’t you get it that I can’t keep myself away from you. Can’t you see that I…. ”
He was deeply agitated and held her hands in the tightest grasp.
“What? ” she asked him with a straight face.

Suddenly the sky turned dark and the wind started to blow fiercely.
I LOVE YOU, he shouted his heart out in front of hundreds of devotees and in front of THE GODS of the temple.
He held her awestruck face in his hands and wiped her tears. A divine smile spread over both of their faces and it started to rain.




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