A Love-Hate Story.

She double checked all her bags, made sure she had not missed any important thing. Only two days were left, and then she would be away from her family, friends and him.


The feeling she had for him was more than love, something so magical that everytime he came near her, she hid behind an invisible wall. She was mesmerised by his beautiful eyes and the way he looked at her. She loved the child like innocence in him, but never would show him her true feelings again..
It all started two years back, when both of them could realize that the thing happening between them is more than friendship. But their hearts already had their share of heartbreaks and they were not ready for more. So they hid their emotions behind the garb of friendship. But the day when she left for her workplace, more than a thousand miles away, she could not keep her real feelings hidden from him. Neither could he.


Little did they realize that neither of them was ready for another plunge. So the wall was never broken. Only a few distinct bricks broke.
But that was not enough.

They broke apart..
But the connection was too strong.
So again they plunged, into a sea of ignoring each other..


But now when she is about to leave again, to a distant land away from her family, and friends, again she felt a strong urge to see him…




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