Forget me not, Stranger- REVIEW

Sometimes the end is just the beginning.
This is what I felt while reading the last part of Stranger Trilogy by Novoneel Chakraborty.

Forget me not Stranger is not an end, it is a beginning to something more intense, more important, and definitely more dark. Like all readers, I too have been a part of Rivannah’s journey. I laughed, cried, got tensed, and shook with fear with her. Her life has been like a ride which always is on the wrong side.  But like us all,  she also wanted to know her WORTH. So she got intertwined in the Stranger’s deliciously scary net.


The use of vivid images, erotic sequences, abrupt twists and turns almost makes Forget me not….
a forbidden tale. It is like a 3D movie going on in your mind. The plot itself is more addictive than anything. Hats off to the author to make our hearts beat faster with every page we turn.


This book is wilder and hotter than the previous ones in the series and…
Well it is also about our sins and our moralities and our perception about every thing, and about our everyday fights: between what we are holding on to and what we are letting go of.
And like all battles, we lose some, and win some. But the whole process alters us.
The book talks of our varied emotions and how much our own decisions affect us.
Well to be precise, Forget me not… is like the forbidden fruit:


You got to taste it, if you want to know about it..


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