A Love-Hate Story PART-II

All the memories came flooding to her.
Their’s was a very difficult relationship.
Every one said it won’t work out. Even he said that. But she thought otherwise.
Everyday she used to write love letters to him. And she used to type them in different fonts. But she always saved them. How she wishes now that she gave them to him instead. She wrote 27 letters, but…


She got all the letters printed and kept them in her bookshelf.
Now when she went through those letters once again, tears rolled down her cheeks.
And he thought I never understood his feelings properly
On an impulse she sent him a text:
I have something for you, please come and check the upper part of my bookshelf whenever you are free. Take care. Byee.
He never replied thinking it would be another reason for his pain.
Only if we could see our future…
Her flight was the next day, so she went out to do some last minute shopping.
She was waiting for her cab after completing her shopping. Suddenly she spotted somebody at a store on the other side of the road. IT WAS HIM!!
And a girl was holding his hands.


She couldnot see the face of the girl clearly, but a fire of jealousy ran through her and tears made it almost impossible for her to see anything clearly. She removed her specs, rubbed it with her scarf and attempted to cross the road in a hurry. She could not even see the bus coming towards her. Before she lost her senses, she got a glimpse of the face of the girl, IT WAS HIS SISTER!
He was sitting on a bench outside the
I. C. U. After he saw her lying in a pool of blood on the road, he was about to faint. While the other pedestrians were busy blaming and hitting the bus driver, he picked her up and rushed towards the hospital. When he went to her place to pick up her parents, suddenly he spotted the bookshelf and the memory of her text came back , and he hated himself for not replying. Upper part, she said. He quickly went through it and found an unusual looking file covered in golden tinted paper. On it was written in very small fonts Letters-only for you.


He grabbed the file and went back to the hospital with her parents.
Doctors said she is in a very critical condition, and he just sat there silently praying for her.
He read all the letters and by the time he finished, his face was wet with tears.
Why didn’t you ever gave me these??
He told in his mind.
May be this is the right time.
He thought again.
I waited for a long time to talk to you, and now I know that you did too. I am sorry my dear. Get well soon, and I promise I will never let you go again.
…. And he continued his silent prayer.




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