She stood at one end of the terrace cum hangout den of their place. Her hands were shaking, an unknown fear had covered her. She couldnot stand any longer, so she sat down on the big mattress covered in a handpainted bedsheet. There were cushions all around in different shapes with different covers. They picked all these together. Suddenly she picked up a bollywood print yellow cushion, her favourite. But how he hated it, infact one day they had a fight because of that. But he made it up to her in more than one way.


That was one hell of a day. The weather was as gloomy as their temperament.  They were fighting as usual and at one point of time he did something very outrageous. He took the yellow cushion and threw it outside in the rainy garden. “Damn that ugly over the top thing. Don’t know how you could like that terrible thing. ” he yelled at her. She was unusually quiet, then replied in a soft voice with tears in her eyes “Just the way I like you, I like that bright cushion too. Do you know why I bought it? You remember the first ever date we had?  We went to watch a movie, and at the theatre I realised that I like you so much that I won’t mind spending the rest of my life with you. When in the market I saw that cushion cover, it reminded me of you dear, and of our first date, and my promise and a hell lot of things related to ‘us’. So I.. ”


As soon as she finished the sentence, he ran to the garden. After a good 10 minutes he came back inside drenched to the skin and shivering. “Sorry I couldn’t save the cushion, but I soaked the cover in warm detergent water just as you do. The mud marks would go away I hope? ” he was making a really innocent face which made her smile. Yet she tried to maintain a straight face and said ” and what about all these clothes?  You look like a peasant now. What if you catch cold? Let’s take these off. ” The last sentence made him smile and with a naughty look in his eyes he hugged her tight. He picked her up and kissed her shivering lips. Then they made love on the window-side sofa with the windows open and the rain drops touching their uniting bodies.


             The sweet memories made her shiver again. The fights became calmer and more mature now. Now when they are angry, they don’t talk to each other for days. She was waiting for a letter. She had applied for a transfer and one of her seniors told that she might get it.
She thought if they stay away from each other, they would be happier. But she was feeling sick at the thought of leaving him alone here. She heard him coming. He was looking devastated, and kneeled down infront of her with an open envelope. She judged the situation and held his face in her hands.
“Every time you are upset with me, you just pack your bags. But now, after so many years of being married, how am I supposed to stay without you? Do you want a separation? Don’t you know the fact that no matter how much we argue, we can’t do without each other? ”
He said in a really broken voice.
“Dear, I know everything. And do you think I could do without you? We are going to talk everyday, skype on weekends and I will come home every month. And promise you would come too. It’s not really far is it?
She said in a calm voice. And they hugged each other like long lost lovers.


Five years later:

They were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary at his ancestral place. Initially all their relatives thought they would end up separating but now their bond is becoming stronger every day. May be after a few years she would shift base here again. But for now they realized the biggest thing.


It is not physical distance that separates us,
The doubts, misunderstandings and negativities do. Hope all these evils never come back to their lives again.


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