So you are nearing thirty? What did you say? You are more than that? And you are still single? Oh! And you are a woman?
You should thank heavens that you are at peace with your family. What? You are not?  Then read on:
. You will be a topic of discussion at all family events. Some desperate ones will even come to ask whether you are interested in men.
. Even your closest friends are not going to spare you. They are going to tell you stories about newly-weds, about how happy they are. And will actually show you all lovey dovey and coochie coo pictures of them on social networking sites.
. Family functions will mean, some unknown guy and his family will literally hit on you, until you are convinced they are mental. And if you are gutsy enough to reject these unwanted marriage proposals, you might get another bunch of unwanted questions.
. Your cousins may want to know, who your boyfriend is, even to the extent of asking his address. And you have to fake a shy expression and avoid them.
. If you are still in touch with your ex, your family will definitely think you guys are going to get hitched soon. So they stay very relaxed. Infact, they might have started planning your wedding without your knowledge.
. If you are found talking to a guy over the phone for more than 10 minutes, they think that you are actually dating someone.
. Some of your relatives may actually think either you are a lesbo or you want to stay spinster for the rest of your life.
. Your best friends are either books or endless food or sad songs. You despise social gatherings, sometimes even feel scared to call your close friends for sharing your problems, because the one and only solution they will provide is your dreaded one-liner
P. S – Even if you are a single man, you can relate to all these.


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