REAL OR???? 

A shadow… A light.. A whiff of scent. 

Are you real, or fake? 

A touch of compassion, a soft gesture

No, you must be a dream

Or are you a fragment, of my colourful thoughts? 

Are you only one? 

Or are you present in all I meet? 

Ah! that heart wrenching pain I get

When I feel you leaving my thoughts

When I watch you go

When I hear you say ‘NO’

But oh! Dear I must let you go. 

This feeling is so distracting

And so destructing. 

It makes us bleed, from body, from soul

Washes us clean

Dear I am bathed

In this purest feeling. 

I am destroyed and created at the same time.

I experienced birth and death together. 

There is no wait, nothing to ask for. 

Now I know what you are..