Who is a soulmate? 

Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Your husband/wife? Or your bestfriend? 

I guess soulmate is one with whom you have a connection of soul. One who touches your soul, one who believes in you. One who stays by you under all circumstances. Soulmate can also be the one who keeps on fighting with you, because at the end of the day that person might not want to lose you. 

                  But how do you identify your soulmate?  Will that person carry a halo around their head.? Or dress up like an angel? You know a person is your soulmate when their love for you is unconditional, when they don’t possess any rage against you for your long absence. When they understand your unspoken words and read through your silence. 

            Remember the day when your father surprised you with your favourite dish from your favourite restaurant?  Or the day when your mom gifted you the dress of your dreams?  The day when your friend came running to you and chatted on meaningless topics just because you were feeling low? The day when your brother/sister offered to sit and talk instead of fighting?  And the day when your teacher said “Today close your books, and lets talk about your hobbies okay? ”

Well all those times and more, we got a soulmate… 



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