So you love him?  Madly deeply totally and completely? And he doesnot loves you back? Oh! 

  1. You have a boyfriend, but you cannot stop thinking about this man? 
  2. You either behave like a total jackass infront of him, or become totally arrogant. 
  3. He is caring, and you misjudge the care as love. 
  4. You dated him once, then the ‘phase’ ended,  but you never really got over him.
  5. He told he likes you, but girl! You know you are friendzoned. And that my dear is not a pretty place. 
  6. One fortunate day, you get to spend some really ‘precious’ moments. Don’t tell me you just wanted to HOLD HANDS! 

        Many of us have faced these problems (AND A LOT MORE!)at some point in their lives. They might have felt guilty about that, tried to suppress those feelings or went out with some other guy. For those lovely ladies, I have something to share:

        1. It’s okay to like any person as long as you are not getting crazy to the point of obsession. 
        2. Accept the fact that you are into him, totally. Acceptance is the first step. Slowly you will understand about the depth of your feelings for him. 
        3. Well, sometimes we feel a strong physical attraction towards the person we like. Its okay. Its normal. Just don’t do anything of which you would not be proud of. 
        4. Adultery is bad, well if you think its bad too, don’t do it. Or if you have done it already, burn the hatchet and move on. Don’t drown yourself in self-guilt.  Life is short. 
        5. Don’t cry over the fact that HE friendzoned you. If you cannot accept the fact, then simply say that on his face. 
        6. HE might be very good, but you are no less baby. Look around, there are tons of things to do. Do your job properly, get an award, donate blood, feed some street dogs, reach your aim. Be what you have always wanted to be. Be your own queen… And as of love, it is always just around the corner, waiting for the perfect time! 



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