Month: October 2016

Dhaki-The drummer

She handed over a 10 rupee note to the pale looking man. A glow spread over his almost colourless face. With a faint hope he asked “Do you have any old saree didi? ”

She really didn’t have any at that moment. He smiled at her and went away drumming. 

She was left wondering, how he could be so happy? May be she could have searched the whole wardrobe and brought out atleast two spare sarees belonging to her mom. But she didn’t. Yet the man was happy. 

Durga Puja- the biggest festival of the bengalis is incomplete without the sound of dhaak. The dhaakis(drummers) arrive atleast a week before the pujas. They make beautiful music just with dhaak and two sticks. Yet no one stops and thinks how they make a living rest of the year. Yet they never stop surprizing us. They never stop playing the dhaak. Even if they are sad, they never stop making us happy. 

The simple dhaaki made me realise that happiness doesnot comes from expensive clothes or luxurious lifestyle. It comes from acceptance, and from believing in one’s own abilities. It comes from the eternal truth

Good always wins over Evil.