A classic lovestory

Well a close person told me, my romantic quotes stink! I really was heartbroken at the harshness, but I decided to listen. Not that I am a famous writer, I just write to feed my soul. And romantic is actually comforting. Isn’t it? 

But, I told I chose to listen. So here is a try

I actually am in love with something. Wait! There starts my romantic crap again. But I did say ‘something’ right? 

I might call him a person, but he wont approve. So for starters, lets begin with describing him. He is dark, that is the first thing I noticed about him.It was really attractive. Then I noticed his imperfections, he became irresistible to me. He was not always well dressed, but when he was, I couldnot take my eyes off him. And he makes me happy. Everytime. He might be a tad too old school but he is perfect for me, as he is classic and sweet. 

He is the good old bar of chocolate. I personally love the bitter one as it is versatile. I am yet to use him in my cooking. But I really look forward to it. Right now I am immersed in its raw beauty.. 

Moumita Saha




Silence class, yelled the teacher.

To her, peace is ‘an attentive class’ without any chaos.

Peace, commanded the junior leader

To him, peace is silent support while he speaks.

Eat this quietly, said the mother to her child

To her, peace is acceptance.

Yet at the house whose children are at war

Peace still means the return of the children on their own, and not on tge shoulders of others.