A classic lovestory

Well a close person told me, my romantic quotes stink! I really was heartbroken at the harshness, but I decided to listen. Not that I am a famous writer, I just write to feed my soul. And romantic is actually comforting. Isn’t it? 

But, I told I chose to listen. So here is a try

I actually am in love with something. Wait! There starts my romantic crap again. But I did say ‘something’ right? 

I might call him a person, but he wont approve. So for starters, lets begin with describing him. He is dark, that is the first thing I noticed about him.It was really attractive. Then I noticed his imperfections, he became irresistible to me. He was not always well dressed, but when he was, I couldnot take my eyes off him. And he makes me happy. Everytime. He might be a tad too old school but he is perfect for me, as he is classic and sweet. 

He is the good old bar of chocolate. I personally love the bitter one as it is versatile. I am yet to use him in my cooking. But I really look forward to it. Right now I am immersed in its raw beauty.. 

Moumita Saha



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