Importance of being important

Someone is really important to you.

But are you as important as you think?  No you are not. You can never be. Because your idea of being important to someone is very different from the idea of another person. Therefore, either you can accept the fact, or sulk. Sulking would make you feel better, but acceptance will actually turn you into a wonderful person. Therefore it’s your call. Choose wisely.




Be strong. She was always being taught so. Be strong, the world is bad.Be strong, you are a woman. Be strong, you cannot afford to be weak. Be strong, the situation demands so. She didn’t know the difference between strength and harshness, so she became harsh, rude and of a confused character.. Again the lecturing continued.. Be soft,you are a girl. Be of a strong character, you are a woman.

Amidst all these bullshit, she forgot who she really was. The search for identity became so strong, that she began hating the people who mattered most. She even stopped loving. She just became a strong hard rock of no use.

A Black and Gold thread

She never wore any jewellery except the black and golden mangalsutra which is a symbol of marriage. It is specially worn by newly married Indian women. Some women wear it regularly, and some on special occassions. It is believed to be auspicious.

She was not a newly married woman. Infact she was sepatated from her husband. But a part of her refused to let go. Moreover, the Indian society doesnot accepts a single mother. Therefore she kept it as a signboard that she is married, and not abandoned. Therefore she didnot get any judgemental views. Instead people cursed her husband for leaving them and working… Away from the family.

But the mangalsutra was choking her personal life,and her aspirations. She couldnot look for any guy, as they would think that she is cheating on her husband. Even if someone was interested in her, they didnot come forward.

Her career was also suffering as she couldnot concentrate properly. She also felt she failed as a mother, as her child was not getting proper attention from her. She was in two minds. Her values said, a mangalsutra should only be opened from her neck incase of death of her husband. But he is not dead.

But is he really alive to her? She took a deep breath and justified her situation. What mattered to her is her happiness, and her existence without a man who abused her in every way he could. She stood infront of the mirror, gave a last look at the black n gold object then with all her strength,pulled it away from her neck!!

As the beads and the pendant scattered around, she felt a sense of pleasure. She was not chained by the society anymore. She was ready to embrace a new life.

As the first rays of sun touched her face, she laughed and cried at the same time. She was single again!


‘She was my sunshine’ exclaimed the young teacher with an ethereal glow over his face.

“She was a masterpiece” told the artist with a glow in his eyes.

“She had a heart made of pure gold” sighed the banker.

Yet her smile was the widest when she saw her teary eyed parents while receiving the National award for best screenplay.

The lover girl lost, yet the writer won.