Month: February 2017

These days

These days, the sky looks more blue.

These days, the sunset looks a little more breathtaking.

These days, the short phone calls we have, holds more meaning.

These days, the sound of the moving train feels musical.

These days, your voice sounds sweeter.

These days, all the meaningless odd jobs turn into something magical.

These days, I feel more closer to happiness,

These days, I forget to shout at mistakes.

These days, I become a little bit crazier.

I think, I am going closer to loving life these days.




There are some words which are left unsaid,

There are some words which didnot come to the lips.

 Those unsaid words are troublemakers, they can mean anything.

Gather courage and speak up.

Words bring trouble, there will be fights, and more fights,

Yet they are better than those pent up emotions

Which create a volcano inside our hearts, and destroy our inner peace.

So let those unsaid words out, set them free.


She waited for him, to ask her out someday.

She waited for him, to take her out on a ride.

She waited for the moment he would ask her for a romantic dance.

And she waited for the moment of his love.

But impatience took over, and she made the first move.

Defying all the rules in the novels she read, she proposed him.

He was not at all surprised,instead was shocked.

He thought she is his bestie.

He went ahead and explained the difference.

She agreed, afraid to lose him.

Yet deep down inside, she knew she lost him.

She knew she had lost her bestfriend.


She was walking through a desert

With just a faint hope of finding water or a little shade.

Yet her walk seemed never ending,

There was not even a mirage in sight,

Let alone an oasis.

Yet she kept walking, sometimes she got tired

Yet, she continued to walk.

She fell down and pulled herself up again.

And finally she managed to endure everything happily..

A stuck writer

A story here, a story there

Everywhere there are stories.

Yet in my mind, everything seem to have been mixed.

I look all around for inspiration, but all in vain

There is all the inspiration I need.

Yet I cannot put them into words

Have I lost all the creativity I had?

Or am I being lazy?

Or have I forgot to pray to the writing gods?

Or have I lost all faith?

Guess I have to keep on trying