Flame of life

You took her for granted, you have no idea about the pains she took for you.

You marked her weak, you don’t know how it feels to be lonely in a relationship.

You thought she can’t take pain. You have not seen the amount of labour she put just to make you smile.

You judged her for misbehaving with you,you didnot see what she had to face, just to be with you.

She loved you for the way you were, yet you thought she was trying to change you.

You thought she was flicker, yes she is.

You thought she is a flame, yes she is.

You thought she burns all.

Yes she does.

She burns all the evils around her, just to bring out the good.

She jumps in the fire, only to take a rebirth everytime.

She is the fire you could never touch, she is the flame which lights every thing.

She is not for you, you faint hearted.

She is not for you if you want cold.

She is warmth, she is life.

She creates, she makes.

She destroys trouble, yet protects fiercely.

She is not for the cold hearted spineless dead persons.

She is life, she means life.



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