Article 1- Understanding teenagers

Being a teacher I got to meet the loveliest creation of God, “children”. They say it is easier handling a baby, but once they grow up, it is a difficult ball game. Well as a teacher I believe, bringing up a child is a continuous process. It starts from their birth and keeps going on. 

 Sometimes I used to see teenagers, especially girls act completely weird around grown ups. They try to show they are very confident, driven, and hate boys. The boys on the other hand, try to act cool, careless and obviously hated girls. When I got the opportunity to interact with them, I found the root cause of their problems. Most of them are actually afraid of their true selves. They have to prove themselves in every aspect of their lives. On top of that, they have to look attractive. No matter from which financial background they came from. Most importantly, they don’t have someone to talk to. Yes they have friends, but they don’t find someone older than them who actually understands them. 

All these mixed emotions make them bratty, cranky and ill behaved. Some go into a shell and some become rebels. But there is a void which only parents can fill. There parents might be working very hard to achieve everything for their kid. But if they can spend atleast an hour with their kid each day and just listen to all their cute little stories, the families will be happier along with the child.



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