I am..

Mai hoo, mai hoo..(I’m there, I’m there)
Tumhare chai k chuskiyo me (In sips of your tea)

Tumhare sukhe kapdo k silwato me (In the creases of your dry clothes)

Tumhare haatho ki adakaari me ( In the creativity of your hands)

Tumhare khoye hue lifafo me ( In those envelopes you have lost)

Tumhare adhure sapno me ( In your unfulfilled dreams)

Tumhare soye hue zid me. (In your hidden stubbornness)

Tumhare khamosh lafzo me mai hoo ( In your silent words)

Tumhare tanhaai me, tumhare dard me (In your emptiness, in your pain)

Tumhare khushi me aur har ek ehsaas me (In your happiness and in each and every feeling)

Mai hoo (I’m there)

Mai hoo?( Am I there?)

Ya sirf meri ehsaas….( Or is it the feeling of my existence…)



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