Remembering the bravehearts of 14th Feb…

19th Feb, 2019.
All the staff of Navodaya Institutions gathered at NET campus today for a very gut – wrenching reason. On 14th Feb, in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir, 49 CRPF soldiers lost their lives as a result of an attack by a terrorist group and their suicide bomber.

The whole country was shaken by this incident and wanted revenge. We all joined the candle march and there I experienced something amazing. In a country where we fight everyday and point fingers on each other’s religion, the bereaved soldiers united us. Indians belonging to different parts of the country, different communities, and following varied religions united in this wonderful walk. Some were walking fast, some slow, but whenever our candles were blowing out due to the breeze, we found another candle to light it up. It didn’t matter to which caste or community we were coming from, what mattered most is we completed the walk with candles and hopes and anger burning bright. What mattered most is that we were together against a common enemy.

And the teenagers were boiling with energy and feeling of vengeance. The souls of the soldiers will be in peace, only when justice will be served and their families will be taken care of.

While leaving, someone collected all the candles and put them in one trash can.

May we learn something from the left over candles. We are all going towards the same end. So, what are we fighting for????



Raichur, Karnataka


6 thoughts on “Remembering the bravehearts of 14th Feb…

  1. Feeling content hearing you people did something together irrespective of religion, caste, gender…… Yesterday I was overhearing a heated conversation where again religion came between and one religion was raging against other. Although the conversation ended with the discussion about fakirism, where religion doesn’t matter but the intention does. Still I can’t really forget those burning eyes which were raging, ready to thrash the other human because he/she was from another religion.

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