A Reply to a very special wish…

On the morning of Women’s Day, when I was on my way to work as usual, I got a whatsapp message. I thought it would be one of those forwarded messages. I thought I would ignore it. But then I saw, it was from a colleague of mine, and it was a link to his blog which he wrote about women’s day.

I read it and a smile lit up my face.

The result of which is this blog.

First of all, Thank you for your special wish. Secondly, today I would like to share some of my life experiences to thank all the men around me.

I was around 16 that time, and I got my periods. I ran out of pads and was embarassed to go out and buy it from the medical store. Maa was at work and only Baba was there. I took a deep breath and asked him to buy me a pack of sanitary napkins. He said’okay’ in a very cool way, as if I asked him to buy a notebook or a bar of chocolate. Thus I got over my fear and awkwardness around a very natural thing. He even suggested some ways to reduce my discomfort on those days.

I was around 19, and I was playing one of the leads in a college play, where a classmate had to enact a kissing scene with me! I was frozen during our first rehearsals. But it turned out that he was even more nervous than me. During the stage performance, I got over all my fears and tried to make him comfortable. And it turned out, the result was awesome. No one from the audience could realise that we were not even kissing. It looked real without any of us actually even touching each other. My classmate showed me, gender never comes in way of great teamwork.

I was around 21, and I was in love with a man who was my idol, my mentor and my guide. I expressed my feelings through a novella which took two years for me to write. One day, I got a call from this man asking me to meet him. All my love and confidence vanished and I was scared to death! But the man appreciated my honesty and blessed me. The result is, even now when I like a person, I donot shy away from my feelings.

Last year, I found a wonderful guru, who taught me, I can be strong as well as soft. I found brothers, friends,lovers, colleagues, strangers who made me realise one simple thing. Your gender never comes in the way of your ambition and your zeal for life.

And…to the man who taught me to be free and come out of my emotional shackles, taught me to not be binded by love, but to rise above it, and to never give up, Thank You A…

And to the man who sent me a wonderful wish and filled me up with positivity. Thank you R.

And thank you to all the men who taught me to fight for myself, and to all the women who will remain by biggest strengths. To all of them, a message.





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