First Day as an invigilator…

With a little fear, and a lot of excitement in my heart, I reached KWET’s school in Raichur with a colleague of mine. It was my first day as a C.B.S.E invigilator. Although I was given lots of advice and suggestions by my senior colleagues and V.P Mam and Principal Mam, yet the kid inside me was nervous!

But the moment I entered the gate, I saw immense respect being showered to us-right from the group D staff to the teachers..

My fear started to dilute a little.

And when I saw the students coming in, my mind went on a flashback. In them, I could see my teenage. The happiness, excitement, stress, anticipation and million other emotions were going on inside their minds and I felt all of those along with them.

After some formalities, the exam started. I was trying to maintain a very serious face, but couldnot control a smile or two, which came out watching their gestures and expressions. Within these 3 hours, I learnt a lot of things, made a lot of mistakes, but the staff there handled everything very patiently.

But I was trying to imagine the scenario when these kids will grow up and become someone important. And my face lit up everytime. After the exams were over, and all the formalities taken care of, I said ‘Thank you’,to the all-white clad senior teacher for his immense help, to which he replied with a smile,”no issues,this is how we help each other grow.” I was awestruck and filled with gratefulness. The world would be a lovelier place if all of us thought that way.

I am thankful to my school for providing me such a wonderful opportunity, and my colleague who was there with me on this wonderful adventure…

P.S… May all of us remain a student at heart, so that we never stop learning.

From Raichur, Karnataka



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