A Holi With(out) Colours! PART II

Well… the holi turned out to be surprisingly colourful, thanks to a lively colleague of mine, and his livelier friends.

We were coated in various type of colours…

And I realised something….

Life gives you surprises when you least expect it.

It is like making Dum Biryani, until you open the lid, you would never know how it turned out.

And playing with colours give a sense of freedom, a kind of feeling of mingling with the nature and to our own true selves.

Colours rejuvenate us. This festival of spring sheds old,dusty negativities of our heart and lets the sweet flowers of positivity bloom and spread its sweetness.

Bawshonto Eshe Gachey

(Spring has arrived)



2 thoughts on “A Holi With(out) Colours! PART II

  1. It’s an awsome experience to have a shower with colours.Though we don’t have the habit of celebrating it.It was just amazing,We turned out to be a kido,nostalgic moments….i am seeing a pretty women bowing her head with respect to make make her colourful.It was quite surprising but it brought out the kid in you and how you love to have a colourful life.Stay blessed.

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