A Holi without colours….

It is an usual morning in NCS staff quarters. Everybody seems to be in an usual mood today.

Sitting inside my bedroom,my heart is going back to flashbacks of my college days in Kolkata and my amateur working days in M.P. I used to play holi like crazy with everyone around. We used to go around with packets/thaali of ‘abir'(gulaal) and put colours on everybody with their permission. We used to go to our professor’s place and as per the Bengali customs, we used to smear his feet with ‘abir’ and used to put a small ’tilak’ on his forehead. He in return, blessed us with little ‘abir’ on our heads. A thousand butterflies used to perform an opera inside my stomach, and atleast a few violins used to play in the background when my turn came. I guess love does that to people, specially in our teenage. We cherished every moment….. But moreover, the memories spent with my friends will be forever etched in my heart. Wish I could go back to my teenage and soak in the wildness and spread craziness.

At home, in Kolkata, holi started with smearing abir on elders’ feet and on photos of gods and goddesses, eating lots of sweets, performing a small puja on Day 1, and eating lots of non-veg on Day 2.

In Bhopal, I used to go crazy with equally crazy colleagues of mine.

Personally, holi is not only a festival of colours, to me, it is a festival of universal love and harmony. No matter how angry we are on each other, on holi I try to wish everyone.

Here, holi is a little different, but I will try to keep the spirit alive.

To me, holi smells of Rabindranath, misti, non-stop adda, gossip, food and a more tangible expression of love. Putting colours on cheeks of a beloved is the utmost expression of love for me. Holi breaks inhibitions, breaks barriers, opens up its arms for us to get lost in its warmth.

And this one is for you A:

Rang lagaane na sahi, rang milaane to aa jaate,

Is holi dilon ki duriyaa kuch toh kam hote.

Sunaa hai dushman bhi dost bante hai holi par,

Suna hai dushman bhi dost ban jaate hai holi par,

Fir tumse to rishtaa itna bhi bura nehi mere humsafar…

Wishing a very happy and safe holi everyone



4 thoughts on “A Holi without colours….

  1. For me holi is a symbolic representation of life.Its colouful.Even sadness is expressed in the for of black.It has become usual to be unusual in quarter’s life.I hate this solitude and the silence which pokes me deep.After your arrival there is little life and always a pleasant good morning….

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