A letter to my teenage self..

Dear 15 year old M,

You will grow up to be a wonderful, beautiful and amazing individual. Spread your wings and donot let anyone clip them.

Today you are a shy, overweight, and introvert girl…but believe me, you will turn into this extremely extrovert, curvy and outspoken lady one day.

One day you won’t have to hide your feelings for anyone,anymore. You will be able to express your deepest feelings without the fear of being judged.

One day you are going to set examples for a lot of women around you.

One day, you are going to set your soul free and make your parents proud.

But donot forget my dear….

You live in a society, where a woman of a certain age is judged by her marital status rather than quality of her work.

You live in a society, where no matter what you have achieved, you will not be considered ‘settled’ until you are married.

You live in a society, where ‘having a man in life is not important’ will sound good only from a married and ‘well settled woman’.

You will have to fight for your place everyday, just because you are able to reproduce, and often the fight will be with members of the same gender.

But my dear, donot give up. Because you are going to come out stronger of it, and if you find someone special, keep him for as long as you can.

Else, how will you set an example of ‘a strong woman’!


Ignore all the negativities and close your ears to them…

And continue being a fighter you are..



2 thoughts on “A letter to my teenage self..

  1. Quite impressive the feeling in a nutshell.It doesn’t mean all married woman are settled.Its all our perception.Enjoy as single where you will be yourself.Once you are settled as per your statement you have to play many roles everyday.You will not be having time to love yourself.By the time you realise it will half a mile gone.Enjoy this moment.

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