On Menstruation…

During an usual busy day, I experienced something which was a little weird in today’s time. Menarche of a student started and she was feeling really helpless. She had njo idea about menstruation and was extremely embarassed. I and my colleague tried to explain this very ‘natural procedure’ . But, as she was unaware of this thing, she was as scared as hell. I tried to calm her down with my antics, but in vain. To my utter shock, she refused to wear a sanitary napkin. Twinkle Khanna and Padman would hang their heads in utter shame! The poor girl thought she might have developed some disease. It took some sweet coaxing to finally make her use it.

But she was requesting repeatedly to not share this to anyone. And here I am, writing a blog about it!

Periods have never been considered a taboo by my parents. Yes, initially, I too was scared of it. But slowly I understood it is a very natural process and nothing to be ashamed of. Infact, we need to educate the male members about this, so that they wouldnot feel embarrased unnecessarily and can lend a helping hand to the women. I remember very clearly, once when I was going through this ‘monthly ritual’ and was in a pretty bad mood, one of my male friends suggested having chocolates to lift up my mood. My father always used to suggest having natural cool drinks during periods.

Contrary to the popular belief, a woman can touch anything she likes(even the jar of pickle), eat whatever she likes, offer prayer, perform religious ceremonies and even take part in sports during her periods. Though certain physical activities are not advisable. It is better to consult the coach or trainer beforehand. And certain discomfort is inevitable. We might feel dizzy, sleepy, irritated, anger,pain, lethargic and other things. At those times, a heating pad and an ice cream does magic! And there is nothing impure about periods. It is as natural as pooping or peeing. Only difference is that, it is a little painful and enables us to reproduce.

But the most important thing would be to increase awareness and be a little understanding to girls and women on these days. Personal hygiene should be the top priority. And, we should reach out to everyone with a helping hand.

Getting back to my student, I congratulated her on having her first period, and welcomed her into womanhood. She didnot understand it much, but she will, one day.



2 thoughts on “On Menstruation…

  1. It’s so weared have you ever thought we are restricted to go into temples.They don’t understand that the God inside the temple is also a female.Its very embarassing when they are forced for something when they don’t understand how it pains ….They call mother nature,Durga ma ,rivers with all female name but the women when she is in her chums are untouchable.

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