The bridge between them is really small
Yet they are scared..
He has nightmares, that she will fall or the bridge will break,
And the broken pieces would be there scattered all over.
She on the other hand thinks he won’t come to hold her hand
When she falls, or worse
He will run away leaving her drowning in the deep deep water.


But the bridge whispers in their deepest thoughts everyday

Come to my heart hapless lovers
I will give you solace
Just walk on!!

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He is waiting

Amidst all the reds and pinks, She was the white light
Well not white, may be she the Rainbow light
Her smile was pink, her love red, her anger was grey and happiness a brilliant shade of blue..
But she is not here now, his colours are slowly fading
To a shade of an all consuming, all colour killing BLACK
He is waiting for the COLOURS